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Middle School Middle School Language Arts II

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By examining powerful literary and nonfiction texts by a wide array of authors, students in the MJ Language Arts 2 course build upon their foundational knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking using engaging mentor texts and scaffolded opportunities. Students also finetune their writing by planning and producing effective narratives, argumentative essays, and expository essays using guided practice and exemplar texts. These opportunities to plan, draft, revise, and edit their written work ensures that students will find their "voice" in writing. Students dive into the world of rhetoric by exploring important historical texts, demonstrating proficiency in identifying effective rhetorical appeals and ineffective fallacious reasoning that weakens communication. The authentic assessment opportunities provided in this course meet the needs of students while providing engaging and interesting learning opportunities.

Segment One

Module 01 - Back to Basics

  • Back to Basics Checklist
  • Language with a Purpose
  • Literary Elements Interact
  • How Theme Develops
  • Connect with Hyphens
  • Tools for Finding Meaning
  • Writing 101
  • The Gist of It All
  • Advanced Why Words Matter

Module 02 - Immersed in Information

  • Immersed in Information Checklist
  • Reading Informational Texts
  • Researching and Organizing Information
  • Immersed in Information Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Responsible Research
  • Intriguing Intros
  • Show Some Support
  • Wrap It Up
  • Sentence Switch Up
  • The Final Touches
  • Advanced On the Case

Module 03 - Analyze This

  • Analyze This Checklist
  • Faulty Fallacies
  • On the Hunt for Fallacies
  • Semicolon Strategies
  • Helpful Affixes and Roots
  • Varying Viewpoints
  • Conquering Colons
  • The Power of Allusions
  • Advanced Which Pitch?

Segment Two

Module - Fighting Fair

  • Fighting Fair Checklist
  • Recognizing Rhetoric
  • Rhetoric in Action
  • Arguments 101
  • Organize Your Argument
  • Fighting Fair Discussion-Based Assessment
  • A Strong Introduction
  • Build a Convincing Body
  • Closing It Down
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Advanced Appeals That Shook the World

Module 05 - Looking Into Literature

  • Looking Into Literature Checklist
  • Pondering Poetry
  • Shall I Compare Thee?
  • The Right Place at the Right Time
  • Two Sides to Every Story
  • Lessons Learned
  • Practicing With Parallel Structure
  • Looking Into Literature Discussion-Based Assessment
  • You Be the Judge
  • Advanced Focusing on Form

Module 06 - Narrative Know-Hows

  • Narrative Know-Hows Checklist
  • Need to Know About Narratives
  • Begin Your Story
  • Narrative Techniques
  • Body Language
  • Raise Your Voices
  • Transitioning to the End
  • Moody Verbs
  • Advanced Next-Level Narration