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High School Cambridge AICE Environmental Management AS Level

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Cambridge International AS Level Environmental Management develops a set of transferable skills including handling data, practical problem-solving, applying the scientific method, and evaluating strategies for a sustainable future. Learners develop relevant attitudes, such as objectivity, integrity, inquiry, initiative, and inventiveness to take on the global issue facing humanity and the balance of Earth's systems. They acquire the essential scientific skills required for progression to further studies or employment. Our approach in Cambridge AS Environmental Management courses encourages learners to be confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged. The key concepts for this course are sustainability, interactions, pressure on the environment, global dimensions, and research methodology. This course meets the criteria of Group 1: Math and Sciences or Group 3: Arts and Humanities for students seeking a Cambridge AICE Diploma.

Segment One

Module 1 - Foundations

  • Foundations Checklist
  • Foundations Forum
  • Our Planet
  • Our Atmosphere
  • Water and Carbon Cycles
  • Ecology
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Research

Module 2 - Human Populations

  • Human Populations Forum
  • Sampling Methods
  • Environmental Technology
  • Population Distribution
  • Population Dynamics
  • Managing Population Change
  • Human Populations Case Study

Module 3 - Ecosystems

  • Ecosystems Checklist
  • Ecosystems Forum
  • Terrestrial Biomes
  • Energy In EcosystemsBiodiversity
  • Estimating Biodiversity
  • Conserving Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity Case Study
  • Managing Human Impact

Segment Two

Module 4 - Food and Energy

  • Food and Energy Checklist
  • Food and Energy Forum
  • Food Security
  • Energy Security
  • Managing Energy Security
  • Energy Insecurity Case Study
  • Waste Disposal
  • Waste Management

Module 5 - Water and Air

  • Water and Air Checklist
  • Water and Air Forum
  • Water Security
  • Managing Water Security
  • Water Insecurity Case Study
  • Air Pollution
  • Managing Air Pollution
  • Managing Ozone Depletion
  • Air Pollution Case Study

Module 6 - Climate Change

  • Climate Change Checklist
  • Climate Change Forum
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Impacts of Climate Change
  • Climate Change Case Study
  • Monitoring Climate Change
  • Managing Climate Change
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Environmental Managment Investigation