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Who We Are

More About Us

FlexPoint is an internationally recognized, full-service Kindergarten through 12th grade online education leader. As such, we’ve worked with partner schools and districts across the nation and worldwide in 100+ countries. Our team develops and delivers comprehensive and effective digital courses that we implement across various online platforms. We also equip educators with customized training and unparalleled support—so teachers feel empowered, students feel connected, and everyone sees results.

National and international families looking for engaging and effective online courses are also served by FlexPoint through FlexPoint Virtual School. This tuition-based online school option allows students to take the individual courses they need from wherever they are in the world. Students also have access to individualized learning support, which leads to incredible results.

FlexPoint has fully embraced the digital world for more than 20 years as a public school district, and we know that individualized learning, paired with innovation, can unlock endless possibilities. Plus, our north star is straightforward: student success is our bottom line.

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FlexPoint™ is a trademark of Florida Virtual School.