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High School Law Studies

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In this course, you will investigate aspects of family and consumer law, and learn how the state and federal court systems work. Gain an understanding of the judicial system and examine key differences between civil and criminal law.

Module 01 - Basics of U.S. Law

  • Basics of U.S. Law Introduction
  • Law and Legal Systems: Ethics, justice, and purpose and foundation of U.S. law
  • Law Creation: Law-making process, due process, and advocacy 
  • The Courts: Federal and state court jurisdiction, trial and appellate courts, appointment and election of judges
  • Constitutional Law: Constitutional rights, limits on rights, and students’ rights 
  • Rights and Responsibilities: Importance of civic participation and community contributions, equal protection under the law
  • Basics of U.S. Law Case Study

Module 02 - Civil and Criminal Law

  • Civil and Criminal Law Introduction
  • Criminal vs. Civil Law: Differences between and types of civil and criminal law, resolving disputes out of court, trial cases, and appeals
  • Criminal Procedures: Criminal intent, criminal justice process, and rights at trial 
  • After a Conviction: Sentencing options, appeals process, purposes of punishment, and the correction system 
  • Tort Law: Intentional torts, negligence, strict liability torts, and defense against torts
  • Law Reform and Advocacy: Tort and criminal law reform
  • Civil and Criminal Law Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 03 - Consumer and Family Law

  • Consumer and Family Law Introduction
  • Consumer Protections: Consumer rights, contracts, and consumer protection agencies
  • Consumer Issues: Consumer responsibilities, breaches of contracts, financial industry regulations, debt protections
  • Marriage Law: The marriage contract, legal marriage legislation, relationship law, separation, and divorce
  • Parents and Children: Legal rights and responsibilities of parents, child support and care, and children’s rights and the best interests standard
  • Other Family Law Issues: Federal programs for financial insecurity, family and domestic abuse law, and estate law
  • Consumer and Family Law Case Study

Module 04 - Special Topics in Law

  • Special Topics in Law Introduction
  • Immigration Law: Citizenship, authorized and unauthorized immigrants, and modern issues
  • Internet and Intellectual Property Law: Protecting intellectual property, internet regulation, and legal uses of computers and the internet
  • Juvenile Law: Juvenile justice, differences between juvenile and adult justice systems, the Eighth Amendment, and modern issues
  • Public Health Law: Promoting public health, public health programs, government public health agencies, and modern issues 
  • Labor Law: Youth labor laws, worker rights and responsibilities, government regulations on labor
  • Special Topics in Law Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Segment Exam