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High School AP Macroeconomics

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In this course, students establish the fundamentals of economics with a survey of scarcity, opportunity cost, supply, demand, and market equilibrium. They then zoom out to the largest scale of economic analysis, learning the indicators of whole countries’ economic health, specifically gross domestic product, unemployment, and price level. With that foundation the rest of the course examines fiscal and monetary policies, their consequences, and the basics of international trade and the foreign exchange market. In addition to preparing for the AP Exam, students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them, the roles that government and banks play in an economy, and the economic outcomes generated by policy decisions.

Module 01 - Basic Economic Concepts

  • Economic Basics
  • Scarcity and Opportunity Costs
  • Production Possibilities Curves
  • Production Possibilities Curves
  • Absolute and Comparative Advantage
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Equilibrium
  • Price Ceilings and Floors

Module 02 - Measurements of Economic Performance

  • Circular Flow
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • The Business Cycle
  • Inflation and Price Indices
  • Unemployment

Module 03 - Income, Price, and Growth

  • Classical Economics and Say's Law
  • Aggregate Supply
  • Aggregate Demand
  • The Expenditure and Tax Multipliers
  • Equilibrium in the AD/AS Model
  • Economic Growth and Productivity
  • Keynesian Economics and Fiscal Policy
  • Understanding the AD/AS Model

Module 04 - International Economics

  • Comparative Advantage and International Trade
  • Balance of Payments
  • Exchange Rates, Financial Capital, and Net Exports
  • Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Free Trade and Trade Barriers
  • Understanding International Trade and Finance

Module 05 - The Financial Sector

  • The Money Supply
  • Money Creation and the Money Multiplier
  • The Time Value of Money
  • The Loanable Funds Market
  • The Equation of Exchange

Module 06 - Inflation, Unemployment, and Stabilization Policies

  • Modern Theories
  • Fiscal Policy review
  • Automatic Stabilizers
  • Economic Impact of Deficits and Debt
  • The Federal Reserve System
  • Introduction to Monetary Policy
  • Graphing Monetary Policy
  • The Phillips Curve
  • Understanding Fiscal and Monetary Policies

Module 07 - Final Review and Comprehensive Exam