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High School Holocaust Studies

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Examine the Holocaust, defined as the deliberate and systematic persecution and murder of approximately 6 million Jewish people by the Nazi German state and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945. Through the course, you will study the experiences of the Holocaust victims and survivors as you consider why it is important for current and future generations to learn from the Holocaust.Disclaimer:The study of the Holocaust requires students to engage with potentially distressing content, including topics of racism, dehumanization, suicide, and mass murder. Students should take appropriate measures to care for their mental health while engaging with the course material, including seeking the support of parents, school counselors, teachers, or other trusted adults as needed.

Module 01 – Antisemitism and the Rise of the Nazi Party

·       Defining the Holocaust

·       Antisemitism Old and New

·       A Bitterly Ended War and a Weak German Republic

·       National Emergency Powers

·       Aryan Ideology, Nazi Propaganda, and Education

Module 02 – Legal and Social Dehumanization

·       From Nuremberg Laws to Kristallnacht

·       Appeasing Hitler and Rejecting Jewish Refugees

·       Forced into Ghettos

·       From Killing Squads to Genocide

Module 03 – From Concentration Camps to Liberation

·       Concentration and Death Camps

·       Collaborators, Bystanders, and Rescuers

·       Partisans and Resistance

·       The Death Marches

·       Liberation and Survivor Experiences After the War

Module 04 – Never Again

·       Crimes Against Humanity, Nuremberg Trials, and the Search for Justice

·       Israel and the Eichmann Trial

·       Antisemitism and Israel

·       The Importance of Holocaust Education