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High School Cambridge AICE United States History I AS Level

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In this course, students will explore the people, events, and ideas that shaped the course of the United States from 1820-1941. Lesson content will cover political history, cultural history, economic history, and racial history through the key concepts of cause and consequence, change and continuity, interpretations, significance, and similarity and differences. Students will achieve a level of mastery in U.S. History to help them on the Cambridge AICE History AS exam and help them enter higher education.

Segment One

Module 01 - Dawn of Sectionalism

  • Introduction to Dawn of Sectionalism
  • Welcome to AICE United States History
  • Sectional Differences
  • Territorial Expansion
  • All About Paper 1
  • Dawn of Sectionalism Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Pursuit of Compromise
  • Impact of Kansas-Nebraska
  • Dawn of Sectionalism Forum
  • Shifting Political Parties
  • The Ongoing Divide
  • Dawn of Sectionalism Exam

Module 02 - Road to War

  • Introduction to Road to War
  • The Citizenship Debate
  • The Willing Martyr
  • The Final Straw
  • All About Paper 2
  • Road to War Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Secession
  • Descent into War
  • Road to War Forum
  • Road to War Exam

Module 03 - Brother versus Brother

  • Introduction to Brother versus Brother
  • Military Strategies
  • Political and Military Leadership
  • Foreign Influences
  • Impact of War
  • Brother versus Brother Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Emancipation
  • Slavery in the Confederacy
  • Brother versus Brother Forum
  • Democracy in the North and the South
  • Brother versus Brother Exam

Module 04 - Rebuilding a Nation

  • Introduction to Rebuilding a Nation
  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • Congressional Reconstruction
  • Changing Times for African Americans
  • Responses of the White South
  • Rebuilding a Nation Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Grant's Presidency
  • End of Reconstruction
  • Rebuilding a Nation Forum
  • AICE United States History Segment One Exam

Segment Two

Module 05 - The Gilded Age

  • Introduction to the Gilded Age
  • Post War Industrialization
  • Technological Advancements
  • Robber Barons
  • Division over Tariffs
  • The Gilded Age Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Economic Repercussions
  • Urbanization
  • The Gilded Age Forum
  • Rise of the Labor Movement
  • The Gilded Age Exam

Module 06 - The Path to Reform

  • Introduction to the Path to Reform
  • Limiting Corruption
  • Women's Causes
  • Progressive Aims
  • Progressive Presidents
  • The Path to Reform Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Legacy of the Progressive Movement
  • The Path to Reform Forum
  • The Path to Reform Exam

Module 07 - Descent into Depression

  • Introduction to Descent into Depression
  • The Roaring Twenties
  • A Laissez-Faire Economy
  • The Inflated Bubble
  • Over-Speculated
  • Descent into Depression Discussion-Based Assessment
  • American Financial Collapse
  • Hoover and the Depression
  • Descent into Depression Forum
  • Descent into Depression Exam

Module 08 - Economic Repair

  • Introduction to Economic Repair
  • Roosevelt's Promises
  • The Second New Deal
  • Satisfying the Voters
  • Economic Repair Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Opposition to the New Deal
  • Legacy of the New Deal
  • Economic Repair Forum
  • Economic Repair Exam

Module 09 - AICE United States History Exam Review

  • Introduction to AICE United States History Exam Review
  • Review of the Origins of the Civil War
  • Review of the Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Review of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era
  • Review of the Great Crash, the Depression, and the New Deal Policies
  • Writing Skills Review
  • AICE United States History Exam Review Discussion-Based Assessment
  • AICE United States History Exam Review Forum
  • AICE United States History Segment Two Exam