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Elementary Elementary Art Grade 5

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In Art Grade 5, students learn about the Elements of Art, Principles of Design, and Craftmanship skills through the exploration of master artists and art techniques. At the same time, exploring techniques like the effects of pressure, a resist, paint, mixed media, and more. Students will dive into the works of artists such as Salvador Dali, Edmonia Lewis, El Anatsui, and Frida Kahlo. Connecting art techniques to the Elements of Art, Principles of Design, and master artists is a fundamental aspect of the course and ensures that students of all learning styles have an opportunity to succeed.

Segment One

Module 01 – Line


·      Meet an Artist: Banksy

·      Be the Artist: Drawing

·      Line: Graffiti Art


Module 02 – Shape


·      Meet an Artist: Hilma af Klint

·      Be the Artist: Prints

·      Shape: Patterned Print


Module 03 – Color


·      Meet an Artist: Mary Cassatt

·      Be the Artist: Paint

·      Color: Trading Card


Module 04 – Value


·      Meet an Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige

·      Be the Artist: Pastels

·      Value: Value Art


Segment Two

Module 05 – Space


·      Meet an Artist: Salvador Dali

·      Be the Artist: Collage

·      Space: Cityscape


Module 06 – Form


·      Meet an Artist: Edmonia Lewis

·      Be the Artist: Form

·      Form: Sculpture


Module 07 – Texture


·      Meet an Artist: El Anatsui

·      Be the Artist: Assemblage

·      Texture: Coral Reef


Module 08 – Community


·      Meet an Artist: Frida Kahlo

·      Be the Artist: Photography

·      Community: Self-Portrait