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High School Geometry for Credit Recovery

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Geometry is everywhere, not just in pyramids. Engineers use geometry to build highways and bridges. Artists use geometry to create perspective in their paintings, and mapmakers help travelers find things using the points located on a geometric grid. Throughout this course, students travel a mathematical highway illuminated by spatial relationships, reasoning, connections, and problem solving.

Segment One

Module 01 - Basics of Geometry

  • Basic Constructions
  • Constructing with Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • Introduction to Proofs¬†

Module 02 - Translations

  • Reflections
  • Rotations
  • Rigid Motion and Congruence

Module 03 - Line and Angle Proofs

  • Triangle Proofs
  • Indirect Proofs

Module 04 - Dilations

  • Similar Polygons
  • Similar Triangles

Module 05 - Triangle Congruence and Similarity

  • Applications of Congruency and Similarity

Segment Two

Module 06 - Using the Coordinates

  • Slope
  • Coordinate Applications

Module 07 - Solving Right Triangles

  • Applications of Trigonometric Ratios
  • Applying Trigonometric Ratios

Module 08 - Formulas

  • Applications of Volume
  • Density
  • 3-D Figures

Module 09 - Properties of a Circle

  • Inscribed and Circumscribed Circles
  • Applications of Circles¬†