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Students will discover how the human experience is the foundation of the best stories, plays, poems, films, speeches, and articles by evaluating its presence across genres and throughout history. With a strong focus on the art of writing and speaking, students will engage with a number of rich texts to uncover how authors and speakers use their words to reflect their thoughts on the world. Through writing about literature and research-based topics, students will further develop their voices to create compositions of excellence.

Segment One

Module 01 – Fundamentals of Fiction

·       All About Words

·       Expressive Poetry

·       Pondering Poems’ Meanings

·       Figuring Out Fiction

·       Techniques in Storytelling

·       Honors What Do You Mean?

Module 02 – Coming of Age

·       Universal Truths

·       Conflicting Perspectives

·       Growing Up Around the World

·       Perfecting Parallel Structure

·       Presenting the Journey

·       Honors Universally Connected

Module 03 – Writing with Purpose

·       Nonfiction Knowledge

·       Use It Correctly

·       Breaking Down the Prompt

·       Research and Citations

·       Show Your Evidence

·       Let’s Write!

·       Honors Writing with Reason

Segment Two

Module 04 – Strong Argumentation

·       Rhetorical Muscle

·       Powerful Oration

·       Argument Shutdown

·       Staking Your Claim

·       Crafting a Winning Argument

·       From Page to Podium

·       Honors Fight for Their Rights

Module 05 – Timeless Tales

·       Fiction Review

·       Copy and Paste

·       Changes in Language

·       Shakespeare’s Macbeth

·       Character Disintegration

·       Plotting It Out

·       Honors I’ve Got the Power

Module 06 – Storytime

·       Getting Started with Narratives

·       Plan Your Plot

·       Writing Tips

·       Final Draft

·       Honors Love of Things