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High School Cambridge AICE Psychology I AS Level

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AICE Psychology is designed to enable students to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of psychological research, think independently and make informed judgments on ethical issues, and apply their knowledge to novel situations and current debates. Students will be asked to analyze core studies with consideration for the following key concepts: nature versus nurture, ethics in psychological research, choice of psychological research methods, the idea that no single view in psychology is definitive, and the relevance of psychology in contemporary society.

Segment One

Module 01 - Introduction To Psychology

  • Introduction to Psychology Checklist
  • Welcome to AICE
  • Let's Experiment
  • Self-Reports, Case Studies, and Observations
  • Correlations and Longitudinal Studies
  • Interpreting Data
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Research Evaluation
  • Introduction to Psychology Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Introduction to Psychology Exam

Module 02 - Biological Approach

  • Biological Approach Checklist
  • Your Brain Asleep (Dement and Kleitman)
  • Monkeys at Play (Hassett et al.)
  • Mindfulness and the Brain (H√∂lzel et al.)
  • Biological Approach Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Biological Approach: Issues, Debates, and the Real World
  • Biological Approach Forum
  • Biological Approach Exam

Module 03 - Cognitive Approach

  • Cognitive Approach Checklist
  • Improving Concentration (Andrade)
  • Measuring Social Intelligence (Baron-Cohen et al.)
  • Faces in a Line-up (Pozzulo et al.)
  • Cognitive Approach Forum
  • Cognitive Approach: Issues, Debates, and the Real World
  • Cognitive Approach Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Cognitive Approach Exam
  • Segment One Exam

Segment Two

Module 04 - Learning Approach

  • Learning Approach Checklist
  • Learning by Observation (Bandura et al.)
  • Positive Reinforcement (Fagen et al.)
  • Classical Conditioning (Saavedra and Silverman)
  • Learning Approach Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Learning Approach: Issues, Debates, and the Real World
  • Learning Approach Forum
  • Learning Approach Exam

Module 05 - Social Approach

  • Social Approach Checklist
  • Obedience and Authority (Milgram)
  • Personal Space (Perry et al.)
  • Bystander Responsibility (Piliavin et al.)
  • Social Approach Forum
  • Social Approach: Issues, Debates, and the Real World
  • Social Approach Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Social Approach Exam

Module 06 - AICE Psychology Exam Review

  • AICE Psychology Exam Review Checklist
  • Psychology Approaches Review
  • Scoring the AICE Exam
  • AICE Psychology Exam Review Forum
  • Mark and Revise
  • AICE Psychology Exam Review Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Segment Two Exam