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High School Anatomy and Physiology

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Take a deep breath. Though we may take seemingly effortless functions of the body such as breathing for granted, the human body is constantly working as a system to maintain balance and good health. Anatomy and Physiology will give you a better understanding of the structure and functions of the human body. This course presents topics, such as immunity, reproduction, cardiovascular health, and musculoskeletal functions, using 21st-century content, graphics, interactives, and videos. Students will be inspired by real-world phenomena about health topics and career connections opportunities from entry-level positions to the doctoral level. In each module of Anatomy and Physiology, students explore the organization of the human body and how each organ and body system functions and interacts. Students acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the body's internal functions and interconnections and what is necessary to maintain overall health and wellness.

Segment One

Module 01 – Basics of Anatomy and Physiology

·       Understanding Anatomy and Physiology

·       Anatomy Basics

·       Physiology Basics

·       Integumentary System

·       Biotechnology Honors

Module 02 – Support and Movement

·       Understanding Body Motion

·       Skeletal System

·       Bone Markings Honors

·       Muscular System

·       Muscle Contractions

·       Muscle Metabolism Honors

Module 03 – Coordination and Control

·       Understanding the Nervous System

·       Central Nervous System

·       Peripheral Nervous System

·       Neuromuscular Junctions

·       Endocrine System

·       Hormones Honors

Segment Two

Module 04 – Transport

·       Understanding the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

·       Physiology of Blood

·       Cardiovascular System

·       Blood Vessels and Electrocardiogram Honors

·       Respiratory System

·       Tissues of the Respiratory System Honors

Module 05 – Absorption and Excretion

·       Understanding the Digestive and Excretory Systems

·       Tissues of the Excretory Systems Honors

·       Molecules of Life

·       Digestive System

·       Tissue of the Digestive System Honors

Module 06 – Regulation and Reproduction

·       Understanding the Immune and Reproductive Systems

·       Lymphatic System

·       Immune System

·       Reproductive System

·       Fetal Circulation

·       Fertilization to Birth Honors