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High School Latin II

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Immerse yourself in a journey through Roman history using the Latin language as your guideposts. In the Latin 2 course, you will build upon your first level grammar and vocabulary skills to help increase fluency and language proficiency. You will explore the culture and apply what you learn through translation practice as well as writing, listening, and conversation exercises, while learning all about the different eras of Rome—from Foundation to Fall.

Segment One

 Module 01 - Roman Foundations

  • Welcome to Rome
  • Classical Foundations
  • Aeneas's Guide to Founding Rome
  • Myth and Monarchy
  • Roman Foundations Workshop
  • Roman Foundations Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Talking Kings and Succession
  • Etruscan Kings of Rome
  • Monarchy in Decline

Module 02 - To the Republic

  • Birth of a Republic
  • Twelve tables
  • From Several, One
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • To the Republic Workshop
  • To the Republic Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Pyrrhic Victories
  • Rome vs. Carthage
  • Carthage Must Be Destroyed!
  • To the Republic Exam

Module 03 - Growth of a Civilization

  • Home Sweet Rome
  • We Are Family
  • City Living
  • Ancient Remedies
  • Growth of a Civilization Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Country Life
  • The Outsiders
  • Segment One Exam

Segment Two

Module 04 - War Stories

  • In the Army Now
  • Rebellion and Revolt
  • Rise Up
  • Mythic Proportions
  • War Stories Workshop
  • Wart Stories Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Rome vs. Rome
  • The Power of Three
  • Beware the Ides of March
  • War Stories Exam

Module 05 - Rise of an Empire

  • Augustan Expansion
  • Emperor for Life
  • Infamous Emperors
  • Architectural Influences
  • Rise of an Empire Workshop
  • Rise of an Expire Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Life in the Provinces
  • Everyone's Speaking Latin
  • Constantine's Rome
  • Rise on an Empire Exam

Module 06 - Poetry and Oration

  • Famous Poets
  • Poetry and Patrons
  • Word, Words, Words
  • Battle Ballads
  • Poetry and Oration Workshop
  • Poetry and Oration Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Latin Oration
  • Authentic Poetry Oration
  • Segment Two Exam