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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Modern Hebrew language and the richness of its diverse cultures. In the Hebrew I course, you will learn beginning grammar and vocabulary skills to help build basic fluency and language proficiency. You will explore the culture and apply what you learn through novice written practice, listening, reading, and speaking exercises.

Segment One

Module 01 - My Life

  • Hebrew Alphabet
  • Greetings
  • Making Friends
  • Sharing my Information
  • My Life Writing Workshop
  • Describing Myself
  • My Life Oral Evaluation
  • Celebrating Me

Module 02 - My Preferences

  • At the Supermarket
  • At the Coffee Shop
  • At the Restaurant
  • My Preferences Writing Workshop
  • At the Bakery
  • My Preferences Oral Evaluation
  • Paying For My Food and Drinks

Module 03 - My Family

  • Family Members
  • Describing My Family
  • Occupations in my Family
  • My Family Writing Workshop
  • Family Traditions
  • My Family Oral Evaluation
  • My Origin

Segment Two

Module04 - My School

  • In School
  • My Classes
  • Time for School
  • My School Writing Workshop
  • Getting Dressed for School
  • My School Oral Evaluation
  • Describing My School

Module 05 - My House

  • In My House
  • In My Room
  • In My Kitchen
  • My House Writing Workshop
  • In My Living Room
  • My House Oral Evaluation
  • In My Bathroom

Module 06 - Around the Communities

  • Activities in the Communities
  • Places in the Community
  • Volunteering in the Communities
  • Around the Communities Workshop
  • Describing the Town
  • Around the Communities Oral Evaluation