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Middle School Middle School Louisiana History

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Per the state standards, Middle School Louisiana History will introduce students to how the contributions of key events, ideas, and people influence the development of modern Louisiana. Students will develop spatial understanding, analyze the relationships between cultural groups and Louisiana’s physical features, analyze the effects of the environment on people and places in Louisiana, examine the foundation, structure, and purposes of the local, state, and federal governments, as well as gain basic civic and financial literacy in an increasingly globalized world. Follow the link below for the Department of Education’s description of this course’s key themes:

Segment One

Module 01 - Louisiana’s Geography

  • Where on Earth is Louisiana?
  • Physical Features
  • Cultural Regions
  • Human-Environmental Interaction

Module 02 - First Inhabitants

  • Introduction
  • Prehistoric People of Louisiana
  •  Historic Indians of Louisiana

Module 03 - Early Exploration and French Louisiane

  • Introductions  
  • Europeans Explore a New World
  • A French Colony
  • Diversity in the French Colony
  • Indian Wars and the End of Louisiane

Module 04 - Spanish Louisiana

  • Introduction
  • Spain Takes Control
  • An Era of Revolution
  • Immigration and the End of Spanish Rule

Module 05 - Becoming American

  • Introduction
  • From Colony to US Territory
  • The Territorial Period
  • Statehood and War

Module 06 - Antebellum Louisiana

  • Introduction
  • King Cotton, Queen Sugar, and Princess Rice
  • The Plantation Culture
  • Politics, Change, and New Constitutions

Segment Two

Module 07 - A Nation Divided

  • Introduction
  • The Union Tears Apart
  • A Nation at War
  • Restoring the Union
  • The Second Civil War

Module 08 - Louisiana in the New South

  • Introduction
  • The Bourbon Democrats
  • Populists Challenge the Bourbons
  • A Segregated World
  • Attempts at Progressive Reform

Module 09 - Depression and War

  • Introduction
  • The Great Depression
  • Huey Long
  • Louisiana in World War II

Module 10 - Modern Louisiana from Civil Rights to Today

  • Introduction
  • Postwar Louisiana and Civil Rights
  • A New Era of Politics
  • Challenges for the Future

Module 11 - Our Government in Action

  • Introduction
  • Our US Constitution and Government
  • Our State Constitution and Government
  • Local Government and Role as Citizens

Module 12 - Economics in Louisiana

  • Introduction
  • Resources and Choices
  • Supply, Demand, and Specialization
  •  Louisiana in the Global Economy