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Elementary Elementary Mathematics Grade 5

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Where can math skills take you? In this course, students will use division skills to navigate their journey across the Arctic circle. Then, students will participate in an escape challenge at an art museum where they will add and subtract fractions to escape each exhibit. Students will also go inside a video game where they will build on their knowledge of finding the area or volume of a given shape. What other math adventures await?

Segment One

Module 01- Understand Place Value

  • Place value¬†of Whole Numbers and Decimals
  • Decimals as Fractions
  • Explore Multiplying by Multiples of 10
  • Explore Dividing by Multiples of 10
  • Compose and Decompose Decimals
  • Rounding Decimals
  • Plot, Order, and Compare Decimals

Module 02 - Add and Subtract Decimals

  • Adding Decimals
  • Estimating Sums
  • Subtracting Decimals
  • Estimating Differences

Module 03 - Multiplication of Whole Numbers and Decimals

  • Multiply by Multiples of 10
  • Multiply Using a Standard Algorithm
  • Multiply Multi-Digit Numbers
  • Estimate Products
  • Multiply a Decimal by a Whole Number
  • Use Properties to Multiply Decimals
  • Use Number Sense to Multiply Decimals

Module 04 - Division of Whole Numbers and Decimals

  • Divide by Multiples of 10
  • Divide Using a Standard Algorithm
  • Divide Multi-Digit Numbers
  • Estimate Quotients
  • Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers
  • Divide Decimals
  • Solve Word Problems with Decimals

Module 05 - Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

  • Estimate Sums and Differences
  • Add Fractions by Finding Common Denominators
  • Add Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators
  • Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators
  • Subtract Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators
  • Add and Subtract Fractions with Mixed Numbers
  • Improper Fractions

Module 06- Multiplication and Division of Fractions

  • Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers
  • Multiply Fractions by Fractions
  • Multiply Mixed Numbers
  • Estimate Products of Fractions
  • Connect Fractions to Division Equations
  • Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers
  • Solve Problems Using Division

Segment Two

Module 07 - Classify Two-Dimensional And Three-Dimensional Shapes

  • Classifying Triangles
  • Classifying Quadrilaterals
  • Classifying Two-Dimensional Shapes
  • Classifying Three-Dimensional Shapes
  • Classifying Three-Dimensional Shapes by Attribute

Module 08 - Understand Area and Volume

  • Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle
  • Explore and Upline
  • Develop a Volume Formula
  • Volume of Prisms
  • Combine Volume of Prisms
  • Solve Real-World Problems Using Volume

Module 09 - Convert Measurements

  • Convert Time
  • Convert Customary Units of Capacity
  • Convert Customary Units of Weight
  • Convert Customary Units of Length
  • Introduction to the Metric System
  • Convert Metric Units of Length
  • Convert Metric Units of Capacity
  • Convert Metric Units of Mass

Module 10 - Write and Interpret Expressions

  • Order of Operations
  • Evaluate Expressions
  • Solve Expressions Using Decimals
  • Translating Expressions and Descriptions
  • Interpret Numerical Expressions

Module 11 - Represent and Interpret Data

  • Interpret Numerical Data
  • Collect and Represent Data
  • Make and Analyze Line Graphs
  • Analyze Line Plots
  • Make Line Plots

Module 12 - Coordinate Planes and Numerical Patterns

  • The Coordinate System
  • Graphing on the Coordinate Plane
  • Interpret Coordinate Values
  • Numerical Patterns
  • Apply Algebraic Functions
  • Analyze and Graph Relationships