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High School Liberal Arts Mathematics I

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Liberal Arts Mathematics I is a course designed to strengthen mathematical skills for study beyond Algebra I. The course can be used as needed to fit individual district course progression plans and can be taken either before or after Algebra I. The topics include, but are not limited to, linear equations and inequalities, operations with polynomials, data representation and analysis, geometric constructions, symmetry, similarity, systems of linear equations and inequalities, functions, quadratic equations, exponential equations, rational equations, radical equations, and graphing equations and functions.  

Segment One

Module 01 - Expressions and Equations

  • Interpreting Linear Expressions
  • Solving Linear Equations
  • Solving Linear Inequalities
  • Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
  • Multiplying Monomials
  • Multiplying Polynomials

Module 02 - Data and Measurement

  • Representing Data
  • Comparing Data Sets
  • Interpreting Differences in Data Sets
  • Using the Normal Distribution
  • Converting Units
  • Using Measurements

Module 03 - Geometry

  • Defining Geometric Objects
  • Constructing Geometric Objects
  • Identifying Symmetry and Transformations
  • Proving and Using Similarity
  • Solving Problems with Geometry
  • Rearranging Formulas
  • Using Formulas to Solve Problems

Module 04 - Relations and Functions

  • Representing Functions
  • Using Function Notation
  • Identifying Key Features of Linear Functions
  • Analyzing Linear Functions
  • Analyzing Piecewise Functions

Segment Two

Module 05 - Linear Functions

  • Using Different Forms of Linear Equations
  • Writing Linear Equations
  • Graphing Linear Equations
  • Solving Systems of Linear Equations Graphically
  • Solving Systems of Linear Equations Algebraically
  • Solving Linear Inequalities

Module 06 - Quadratic Functions

  • Solving Quadratic Equations
  • Interpreting Quadratic Expressions
  • Analyzing Quadratic Functions
  • Graphing Quadratic Functions

Module 07 - Exponential Functions

  • Writing Exponential Functions
  • Analyzing Exponential Functions
  • Graphing Exponential Functions

Module 08 - Other Types of Equations

  • Solving Radical Equations
  • Solving Rational Equations