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High School Cambridge AICE Media Studies AS Level

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AICE Media Studies encourages students to enjoy and appreciate the media and its role in their daily lives while developing independence in research skills and their application. As they explore the impact of media within a variety of cultures and how they influenced social values, students will develop critical understanding of international media through engagement with media products, concepts, and creative application of practical skills.

Segment One

Module 01 - Media and Media Texts

  • Introduction to Media and Media Texts
  • Welcome to AICE Media Studies
  • The Media
  • Media and Media Texts Forum
  • Media Forms and Platforms
  • Visual Meaning
  • Skills Practice Part One
  • Industry Research Part One

Module 02 - Language

  • Introduction to Language
  • Moving Images
  • Audio60
  • Setting the Stage
  • Genre and Narrative
  • Skills Practice Part Two
  • Industry Research Part Two
  • Language Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 03 - Representation

  • Introduction to Representation
  • Representing the World
  • Representation Forum
  • Individuals, Gender, and Ethnicity
  • Issues and Events
  • Skills Practice Part Three
  • Industry Research Part Three

Module 04 -Audience

  • Introduction to Audience
  • Grouping and Categorizing Audiences
  • Targeting Audiences
  • Industry Research Part Four
  • Interaction and Interpretation
  • Skills Practice Part Four
  • Audience Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Segment One Exam

Segment Two

Module 05 - Planning

  • Introduction to Planning
  • Brainstorming and Planning
  • Industry Research Part Five
  • Planning Milestone
  • Planning Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 06 - Production

  • Introduction to Production
  • Producing a Film Opening
  • Industry Research Part Six
  • Production Forum
  • Production Milestone

Module 07 - Reflection

  • Introduction to Reflection
  • Creative Critical Reflection
  • Industry Research Part Seven
  • Reflection Milestone
  • Reflection Discussion-Based Assessment

Module 08 - Component 2A Review

  • Introduction to Component 2A
  • Media Texts
  • Component 2A Review Forum
  • Component 2A Practice

Module 09 - Component 2B Review

  • Introduction to Component 2B
  • Media Contexts
  • Component 2B Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Component 2B Practice
  • Segment Two Exam