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Elementary Elementary Language Arts Grade 4

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Grab your passport and join new friends on a virtual adventure! In this course, students will explore the world of reading and writing as they learn skills in morphology, spelling, grammar, cursive writing, and more. They’ll also have practice completing argumentative, expository, and narrative writing pieces. Through interactive games and practice activities, students will investigate nature, friendship, and other exciting topics while reading engaging texts and stories about the world around us. Let's go!

Segment One

Module 01 - Doing the Right Thing

  • Doing the Right Thing: Word Study
  • Doing the Right Thing: Ready to Read
  • Doing the Right Thing: Text Timea
  • Doing the Right Thing: Grammar
  • Doing the Right Thing: Narrative Writing

Module 02 - Healthy Choices

  • Healthy Choices: Word Study
  • Healthy Choices: Ready to Read
  • Healthy Choices: Text Time
  • Healthy Choices: Grammar
  • Healthy Choices: Expository Writing

Module 03 - Traditional Tales

  • Traditional Tales: Word Study
  • Traditional Tales: Ready to Read
  • Traditional Tales: Text Time
  • Traditional Tales: Grammar
  • Traditional Tales: Argumentative Writing

Module 04 - Travel

  • Travel: Word Study
  • Travel: Ready to Read
  • Travel: Text Time
  • Travel: Grammar
  • Travel: Argumentative Writing

Module 05 - Nature

  • Nature: Word Study
  • Nature: Ready to Read
  • Nature: Text Time
  • Nature: Grammar
  • Nature: Narrative Writing

Segment Two

Module 06 - Motivation

  • Motivation: Word Study
  • Motivation: Ready to Read
  • Motivation: Text Time
  • Motivation: Grammar
  • Motivation: Expository Writing

Module 07 - Mystery and Suspense

  • Mystery and Suspense: Word Study
  • Mystery and Suspense: Ready to Read
  • Mystery and Suspense: Text Time
  • Mystery and Suspense: Grammar
  • Mystery and Suspense: Narrative Writing

Module 08 - Growing and Changing

  • Growing and Changing: Word Study
  • Growing and Changing: Ready to Read
  • Growing and Changing: Text Time
  • Growing and Changing: Grammar
  • Growing and Changing: Narrative Writing

Module 09 - Everyday Heroes

  • Everyday Heroes: Word Study
  • Everyday Heroes: Ready to Read
  • Everyday Heroes: Text Time
  • Everyday Heroes: Grammar
  • Everyday Heroes: Argumentative Writing

Module 10 - Conservation

  • Conservation: Word Study
  • Conservation: Ready to Read
  • Conservation: Text Time
  • Conservation: Grammar
  • Conservation: Expository Research Project