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High School Technology for Hospitality and Tourism

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This course takes the knowledge acquired in the Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism and narrows the focus to a study of how technology impacts the industry. This is the second course in a series to dive into the career avenues and business opportunities of the hospitality and tourism field, with a special focus on the computer technology and computer-related skills necessary to succeed in the profession. This course will prepare you even further for your launch into a hospitality and tourism career, with projects and activities that you will be able to apply to your search for a job in this high-demand industry. 

Segment One

Module 01 - Industry of Change

  • Evolution of technology 
  • Emerging technologies 
  • Components of hospitality and tourism sectors 
  • Role of professional organizations 
  • Information technology tools for careers 
  • Role of the “cloud” 
  • Creating travel documents and itineraries 

Module 02 - Reserve Your Seat

  • Current trends 
  • Travel consultant services 
  • Major travel computerized reservation systems 
  • Ticketing process 
  • Required travel documents 
  • Regulations and cultural expectations 
  • Routine tasks of computer reservations agents 
  • Creating a passenger name record (PNR) 

Module 03 - Keep It Safe

  • Ethical issues 
  • Self-responsibility 
  • Security issues 
  • Security solutions 
  • Security procedures 
  • Personal device use 
  • Role of artificial intelligence 

Segment Two

Module 04 - Upgrade Your Stay

  • Personal information management systems 
  • Inventory 
  • Office technology 
  • Internet fundamentals 
  • Customer relation management 

Module 05 - Know the Flow

  • Telephone etiquette 
  • Communication 
  • Reservation process 
  • Guest services 
  • Check-out procedures 
  • Social media feedback 

Module 06 - Industry of Opportunity

  • Career skills 
  • Positive work behaviors 
  • Job opportunities 
  • Education requirements 
  • Résumé and cover letter 
  • Career portfolio 
  • Interview skills 
  • Personal hygiene