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High School English IV College Prep

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In this course students will develop the skills they need to gain insights from what they read and to use their knowledge in creative and analytical writing. The course begins with fundamentals in reading and writing. From there, students will apply those concepts to closely read and analyze contemporary and historical informational text. The texts they read provide the background for narrative, informative / explanatory, and argument writing. The strategies the students practice in this course will prepare them for the demands of reading, writing, and communicating in college and the workplace.

Segment One

Module 01 - Writing Workshop

  • Introduction to Writing Workshop
  • The Craft of Effective Writing
  • Toolbox: Standard Written English
  • Blueprints: Form and Function
  • Specialty Tool: Diction
  • Specialty Tool: Syntax
  • Specialty Tool: Figurative Language
  • Evaluating Your Writing
  • Crafting a Response
  • Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Writing Workshop Module One Exam

Module 02 - Becoming Legendary

  • Introduction to Becoming Legendary
  • Living Up to the Type
  • Finding a Voice
  • Defying Tradition
  • Real-World Inspiration
  • Picking Up the Pen
  • Beginning Your Narrative
  • Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Tips for Excellent Writing
  • Writing Your Narrative
  • Publishing Your Narrative
  • Becoming Legendary Module Two Exam
  • Segment One Final Exam

Segment Two

Module 03 - Carousel of Progress

  • Introduction to Carousel of Progress
  • Words Make a Nation
  • Sticking to the Facts
  • Selecting and Discussing Your Topic
  • Fact Finding
  • Process of Selection
  • Prepping Your Sources
  • Outlining the Facts
  • Writing with Authority
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Writing your Informative/Explanatory Article
  • Publish Your Article
  • Carousel of Progress Module Three Exam

Module04 - Weighing the Issues

  • Introduction to Weighing the Issues
  • Defining and Evaluating an Argument
  • The Anatomy of an Argument
  • Reading an Argument
  • Analyzing an Argument
  • Preparing Your Argument
  • Discussion-Based Assessment
  • Outlining Your Argument
  • Drafting Your Argument
  • Publishing Your Argument
  • Weighing the Issues Module Four Exam
  • Segment Two Final Exam