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Mapping Out an Online Elementary Program: A Guide for School and District Administrators

Elementary education is the foundation for early learning, which is why it's important that educators like you have access to proven strategies and solutions to create an online elementary program. Find answers here.

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Online Learning Beyond COVID-19: A Guide to Help Schools Prepare for the Future

To make the right choices about online learning, school and district leaders need to ask the right questions. Get the answers you need today to prepare for tomorrow.

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FlexPoint Teacher Resource Guide: Unique Learners

Schools serve students with a variety of skills and abilities. This guide includes overviews of current facts and law, recommended best practices, and suggested resources to support your work with a variety of learners.

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Real Results


Case Study: Cherry Creek Elevation

By providing engaging online courses and a supportive community of school and district education leaders, FlexPoint helped this blended learning school meet the needs of all their students.

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Pajaro Valley Case Study 

Case Study: Pajaro Valley

With a unique student population of English Language Learners and migrant families, Pajaro Valley Unified School partnered with FlexPoint to keep students learning, no matter their location.

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Case Study: Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School

By providing interactive digital curriculum and highly communicative instructors, FlexPoint helped this charter school in Modesto, CA, ensure student success.

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Strike School Case Study 

Case Study: Strike School

See how FlexPoint’s customizable curriculum enabled Strike School to create a unique online learning environment for students across the country.

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Case Study: Alaska Department of Education & Early Development

In Alaska, FlexPoint is keeping students in one of America’s most rural states learning during a pandemic.

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Case Study: Grand Ledge Public Schools

With customized digital curriculum, FlexPoint is eliminating online learning pain points for Michigan’s education leaders.

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Research & Reports

State of Online Learning Parent Survey

A survey conducted by Florida Virtual School (FLVS) in August 2021 found that more than 75% of parents believe that online learning allows their children to gain critical skills that they would not acquire in a traditional in-person setting.

The Teacher Student Connection Makes All the Difference

A survey of Kindergarten-12 teachers at Florida Virtual School, found that 87% of teachers agree that teaching online allows them to better communicate and connect one-on-one with students.

Individualized Learning. Incredible Results.

At FlexPoint Education Cloud, our students regularly outperform their peers, on both End-of-Course and Advance Placement exams, achieving a 12.4% higher AP scores than the national average.

Back to School Survival 

Admin Checklist:
Back-to-School Survival

We've put together a checklist to help you prepare for the year ahead - mapping out guidelines and expectations for your teachers and staff.

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Your Checklist For Building An Online Learning Program

Here’s our easy-to-use checklist for building an online learning program that helps students succeed!

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5 Ways for K-12 Education Leaders to Stay On Top Of Online Learning Progress

As an education leader, we know nothing is more important to you than seeing your students thrive. Here are five ways to stay on top of student progress in an online or blended learning environment!

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Admin Tips: How to Connect with Key Stakeholders in an Online Learning Environment

Building connections with all of your stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, and staff) is essential for creating a successful online learning environment. Here are our FlexPointers for keeping the lines of communication open virtually.

Connect with Students & Parents
Connect with Teachers & Staff

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