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Union Virtual Learning Academy

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Union Virtual Learning Academy

Developing a Program That Meets Students Where They Are

The Challenge: Finding an Innovative Way to Engage Students

For 10 years, Union Virtual Learning Academy (UVLA), a blended learning option for students in grades 10-12 in Oklahoma’s Union Public Schools District, has been partnering with FlexPoint to find the right mix of online and faceto-face instruction for their district. It all started in 2012 when Union Public Schools district leaders were looking for an innovative way to engage students and meet them where they were. At the time, students were starting to take advantage of online resources to search for information, entertainment, and to socialize with friends. With all of that in mind, district leaders knew they wanted to have virtual components to evolve with the way their students were experiencing the world.

Before deciding which learning model worked best for their students, district leadership attended an online learning leadership event hosted by FlexPoint. At the event, they heard from other school and district leaders from across the nation about the successes and challenges they experienced with their online, blended, or hybrid programs.

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After discussing best practices with other online learning leaders, UVLA decided the best learning model for their students was blended learning because it combined the best of both worlds—comprehensive digital courses and face-to-face instruction. That way, students supplemented what they were doing in the classroom with online courses, while teachers continued to do what they do best: help their students reach success. 

The Solution: College-Ready Courses and a Communicative Curriculum Partner

Once UVLA decided on a blended learning program, their next step was deciding which curriculum provider would be the best fit for their school. After doing research on different providers, FlexPoint really stood out to them. 

“Not only was FlexPoint’s curriculum aligned to our state standards, but it was also the most engaging and interactive, while still being rigorous and preparing students for college and beyond,” said Gart Morris, Executive Director of Instructional Technology with Union Public Schools. “My three children all took online classes in their junior and senior years of high school, and when they went to college, they received A’s because of the level of rigor they experienced with the FlexPoint courses.” UVLA also found that the support they received from the FlexPoint team was what they needed to achieve success. “Launching a new program can be a little nerve racking,” said Todd Borland, Executive Director of Information Technology at Union Public Schools. “But, with FlexPoint, we’ve always been able to call or email someone with questions about issues we’re experiencing, and we hear back quickly. They also consistently email us about course updates and new features, so that we can continue to innovate for our students.”

The Bottom Line: Student Success

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After 10 years of successfully teaching students in a blended learning environment, UVLA is most proud of the longevity of the program and how it has grown over the years, as well as how all the teachers, staff, and students wholeheartedly embraced this new learning opportunity. On average, UVLA receives 1,100 full-year course enrollments per year, and since launching, has averaged 800 students each year. To highlight how much the program has grown, they started with close to 75 students enrolled the year the program launched. Additionally, in the 2021-22 school year, 50% of all seniors in the district took at least one blended course, with the passing rate for all blended learning courses never falling below 93%. “My mantra has always been to help teachers and students be more efficient,” said Morris. “By partnering with FlexPoint, we’ve been able to do just that due to the team’s support and high quality curriculum.”