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High School Leadership Skills Development

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In Leadership Skills Development, students build skills to succeed in high school, college, and life. Students learn to act by pressing their "Turbo Button," manage their time by staying in the "Lasting Zone," chart their goals by creating a "North Star," and many other proven leadership techniques developed by the leadership training institute Mawi Learning. Whether students are struggling or already at the top of their game, Leadership Skills Development will give them new skills for a successful life.

Segment One

Module 01 - Know Your Story

  • Welcome to Leadership
  • What Is Leadership?
  • What Is My Story?
  • What Is My Here and Now?
  • What Actions Can I Take?
  • How Can I Change My World?

Module 02 - Set Your Sights

  • Why Do Goals Matter?
  • What Happens if I Fail?
  • How Do I Set MAD Goals?
  • What Is My North?
  • What Am I Jazzed About?
  • How Can I Stay the Course?
  • Why Do Little Things Matter?
  • How Do I Share My North Star?

Module 03 - Use Your Powers

  • What Is The Success GPA?
  • Do I Know My Talents?
  • How Do I Allocate My Resources?
  • How Do I Maintain Focus?
  • Who Is in My Network?
  • How Can I Serve Others?
  • Am I Limiting My Connections?
  • Am I Exploring New Ideas?
  • Can I Persuade Others to Help Me?
  • How Do I Face a Challenge?
  • How Do I put it All in Action?

Segment Two

Module 4: Build Your Brand

  • What Is External Leadership?
  • What Is Your Brand?
  • What Is Your First Impression?
  • What Did You Say?
  • What Didn't You Say?
  • Can We Meet?
  • Speaking Out Loud?

Module 05 - Lead Your Team

  • What Is Team Leadership?
  • What Makes a Group Tick?
  • How Do We Increase Investment and Trust?
  • How Do I Lead a Group Through a Difficult Conversation?
  • Can You Help Me?
  • What's Style Got to Do With It?
  • How Do We Increase Innovation and Manage Distancing?
  • Where Are We on the Team Clock?

Module 06 - Change Your World

  • Why Should You Serve?
  • Where Is the Greatest Need?
  • How Do I Get Feedback?
  • What Is My Plan?
  • How Do I Maximize My Resources?
  • How Did I Change My World?