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FlexPoint is able to drive innovation in online education because of the experience, ingenuity, and unique qualifications of our leadership. Their rich backgrounds in education, technology, business administration, and public policy provide the strength we need at our roots to grow.
Headshot of Dr. Gina Tovine

Dr. Gina Tovine is the Senior Director, Analysis, Assessment, and Accountability for Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and FlexPoint, the national arm of Florida Virtual School serving schools and districts around the nation. In this role, she is responsible for advanced analytics, statewide assessment initiatives, and all accountability requirements, overseeing data governance and data quality. Her focus includes research and analytics, data management, assessment, planning, and accountability.

Dr. Tovine has more than 30 years of relevant experiences, including 11 years of teaching, seven years as an assistant principal and principal, and 14 years of director and superintendent executive cabinet level positions. She has been recognized for outstanding systems thinking, communication, leadership, analytical thinking, collaboration, decision-making skills, and fiscal management.

Dr. Tovine lends her leadership expertise to various organizations including the Florida Organization of Instructional Leaders and the Florida Legislature and the State Board of Education.

She has a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida.