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Headshot of Tony Arza, Ph.D.
Board Vice Chair, Florida Virtual School

Education Consultant, Mountain Moving Strategies Inc.

As a former teacher, Dr. Tony Arza believes that educating is the greatest responsibility of society. He is currently working as an Education Consultant with Mountain Moving Strategies, Inc., providing support to educational organizations across the state of Florida, including post-secondary institutions.

Previously, Dr. Arza served as an educator with True North Classical Academy in Miami-Dade County. In addition, he was the founder of a non-profit organization, Mountain Moving Ministries, at the age of 15. This organization was instrumental in making it possible for him to complete mission work in Uganda and Honduras.

Dr. Arza earned a double major in Philosophy and Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. Afterwards, he received his Master of Theological Studies and his doctorate from The John Paul II Institute at the Catholic University of America. His dissertation is titled, “The Fate of North America: George Grant’s Concept of a Civilizational Destiny.” Dr. Arza believes that a philosophically informed education is the spring of a civilization’s destiny. Therefore, the health of a civilization is linked to its ability to introduce children to the mystery of being in its totality. Most importantly, Dr. Arza is an advocate for the recovery of metaphysical philosophy in the public sphere, therefore the opening of the American mind to the forgotten questions that animated Western civilization at its origin.